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Red Saint

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In the world of ready-to-drink beverages, the market is dominated by very large players such as White Claw and Corona. Yet their offerings are much of the same: faintly-flavored bubbly water marketed to the masses. Red Saint is different. Crafted with rich rooibos, honeybush and other unique flavors, Red Saint provides high-end consumers with a beverage option that speaks to their luxury aspirations, and desire for elevated flavor profiles.

To differentiate Red Saint in the ready-to-drink market, we knew we needed to create a brand that embraced the jet-setting lifestyle of its ideal consumer. With a legacy-style name, elevated tone, distinct and hand-crafted serif logotype, and smooth red and gold color palette, we were able to develop a brand that measures up to its competition and stands out as the ideal choice for the modern and sophisticated drinker.

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Red Saint sources rich rooibos and delicate honeybush from the high mountains of Southern Africa to crafta complex spirit for the modern drinker.
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